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Spring Grove Soda Pop Bottlecap“Classic Fountain Flavor”

The Spring Grove Bottling Works was founded in 1895 by G.G. Ristey in Spring Grove, Minnesota. The soda caught on quickly, and within three years the bottling plant’s production doubled.

G.G. Ristey’s brother, J.N. Ristey,  joined him as his business partner. In 1913 the brothers sold the business to another set of brothers, Henry and Leonard Halvorson. They sold it to other family members, Dewey Goldberg and Charles Casterton, in 1929.

The history of Spring Grove Bottle Works depicts soda pop being delivered during the winter by horse-drawn sleigh as far away as Waukon, Iowa .

In 1966 the Bottling Works was bought by local businessman Arnold Morken, and his sons, Roger and Sanford, managed the business. Sanford Morken retired early in the 1990s and sold half of the business to his nephew, Roger’s son, Eric. By 2003 Eric decided to sell the business. It was bought by Robert and Dawn Hansen who continue to run the Bottle Works today. On every bottle they print the phrase, “Mange Tusen Takk”, which is Norwegian for “Thanks a Million”. It’s a tribute to the Norwegian settlers of the area and their many descendants who still call the Spring Grove area home.

Spring Grove Soda continues to be a local favorite. They are known for creating a mildly-carbonated, potently-flavored soda pop, without being too strong or too sweet. Their Lemon Sour soda has a strong lemon flavor, unlike many other sodas claiming to be lemony. Some of the flavors that Spring Grove is offered in today include Strawberry, Black Cherry, Orange, Creamy Orange and Root Beer.

Spring Grove Soda Pop, Inc.
Spring Grove, Minnesota

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