The Future of Computers and Gadgets (Steve Jobs, 1983)

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Steve Jobs 1983 Cassette

The IDCA recording took place on 06/15/1983. (source: ZAGG / Mike Bauchamp)

An interesting audio recording from June 15, 1983 features Steve Jobs talking about the future of “personal” technology. Mike Beauchamp posted at the ZAGG blog about the hour-long recording, comparing Jobs’ predictions to the introduction of the iPad, 3G and 4G service, mobile email and more.

The talk took place at the International Design Conference more than 29 years ago. It’s quite an interesting listen for those who appreciate the “history” of today’s technology.

> Read Beauchamp’s Post at ZAGG (includes link to full recording)

What do you think? Was Jobs talking about Apple’s most recent gadgets? Did he envision it in great detail way back when… Let us know your thoughts.



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