Show Us How You’re Using Our Products

Sep 08, 2012 |  Retro Staff |  2 Comments

Have you decorated your home or business with Retro Planet products? We’d love to see your finished projects, including displays of our retro tin signs, clocks and decor.

If your images are selected to be shown on our web site, you’ll receive additional Retro Rewards, which can you use toward a future purchase.

Decorate your home with some of our products? We'd love to see your pictures and hear your story. Submit your photos and details and, if selected for publication at our site or blog, we'll credit your Retro Rewards account.
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  • Tell us about your project. What gave you the inspiration to display things this way? How did you install the product(s)?
  • Is this a before or after shot? Is it by the door or hallway? Why did you place these items in this exact spot?
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