Sun Crest Soda

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Sun Crest Cherry Cola Bottle Cap“Get Tingleated with Sun Crest”

The National NuGrape Company introduced Sun Crest brand soda in 1938. It was created as a companion brand to their other soft drink line, NuGrape. Sun Crest soda was available in the following flavors: Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Pineapple, Peach, Cherry and Grapefruit.

Sun Crest became the property of The Moxie Company in 1968 when it purchased NuGrape. The company name was eventually changed to the Monarch Beverage Company. In 2007 the Monarch brand was sold to Hedinger Brands, LLC. The company acquired Sun Crest soda as part of the buyout, as well as Dad’s Root Beer, Bubble Up and the Dr. Wells soda brands.

Sun Crest Orange soda is still manufactured today under name of Dad’s Root Beer Company, LLC of Jasper, Indiana.

National NuGrape Company
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