Sun-Drop Soda

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“Refreshing as a Cup of Coffee”

Sun-Drop soda was developed in 1949 by Charles Lazier of St. Louis, Missouri. Lazier was a salesman of soft drink concentrates. Starting in 1951, Sun-Drop was marketed and distributed in several states in the South as both Sun-Drop Golden Cola and Golden Girl Cola. The citrus drink was known for the boost it gave due to the caffeine content.

In 1970 Sun-Drop was acquired by Crush International. They were in turn bought by Proctor and Gamble in 1980. Since 1989 they have been owned by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group (formerly known as Cadbury Schweppes).

Diet Sun-Drop was reformulated in 1985, replacing the sweetener saccharin with aspartame. They also introduced a Cherry-Lemon Sun-Drop that year. In 2002 Caffeine-Free Sun-Drop was introduced for customers that enjoyed the flavor of Sun-Drop but who didn’t want the caffeine.

Sun-Drop Bottling, Inc.
St. Louis, Missouri

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