Sunoco 1948 New England Road Map

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Historic and Scenic Guide of New England

After WWII ended, people were taking scenic car trips more and more. This road map depicts the beauty of small New England towns and, in addition to road maps, provides a historic and scenic guide of the area. This map was copyrighted in 1948 and was distributed by Sunoco gas stations. The cover art is an idealized illustration of a sleepy New England town, with a church at the town center.

Sunoco began in 1890 as the Sun Oil Company. It was founded by Joseph Newton Pew and Edward O. Emerson in Ohio and produced, refined, stored and delivered petroleum products. In 1899 Emerson left the company, which continued to diversify and grow. Today Sunoco is one of the largest refiners and suppliers in the US. They are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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