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Thor & Green Lantern Comic Book Characters Are Back

Some of the all-time most popular comic book superheroes like DC Comic’s Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman have remained steadily popular since they were first created in the early days of the comic book. (First published in 1938, 1941 and 1939, respectively.)  They have appeared in comic books, movies and television shows over the last 70 years or so without any great lapses. They have also continued to appear on t-shirts, lunchboxes and other memorabilia throughout the years.

But lately, some of the less well-known comic book superhero characters have been making a comeback. The latest to reemerge are two that are appearing in movies this spring. These are Thor and the Green Lantern. Thor was first released as a Marvel character in 1962 and has appeared in comic books every year since. This character, based on the Norse god of thunder, although a lesser-known superhero, has appeared on memorabilia and was also featured in the Marvel animated television series as well as in video games.

The Green Lantern is emerging from true obscurity. (Honestly, before I started working at Retroplanet, I had never heard of him.) The Green Lantern was first seen in National Allied Publications comic books in the fall of 1941. His run only lasted until October of 1949, after 38 issues. In 1960 he was resurrected by DC Comics and has appeared (with modifications to the character) in DC comic books ever since. Now he will be the featured superhero in a movie being released this June.

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Last updated: May 17, 2011
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