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Silly TV: Classic Silly Putty Commercials

Jul 31, 2012 |  Retro Staff |  1  Comment

When marketing consultant Peter Hodgson risked $147 of borrowed money to introduce a bouncing putty to the world, his target audience was adults. As that market dwindled, it was kids lifting newsprint that made him shift gears. The once-failed product that was created in hopes to help the war effort turned into a multi-million dollar

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Etched in Memory

Jun 20, 2012 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

When I was a kid in the 1970s, I loved to draw. I’d mostly doodle superheroes and Star Wars characters on big sheets of dot-matrix printer paper my mom brought home from work. I thought I was pretty good… Then I got my first Etch A Sketch, and boy, did that little red tablet knock

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Retro & Quirky Stocking Stuffers

Dec 01, 2011 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

The holiday season is chock full of family traditions, from fruitcake and ham to Christmas trees and gingerbread cookies.  But the most fun tradition might be Christmas stockings.  Did you ever try to guess what was in the stocking by the shape of the bulge?  You can’t beat the excitement and mystery of seeing a

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Wyandotte Toy Truck

Jan 29, 2010 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

This is a beautifully restored Wyandotte Truck. Wyandotte pressed metal toys were manufactured by the All Metal Products Company, which was in business from 1920 to 1957. They mass-produced inexpensive, yet high quality metal toys, chiefly from scrap metal leftover from automobile manufacturing. The Wyandotte name, used as a brand name for their trucks and

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Classic Toys: Green Army Men

Dec 05, 2009 |  Retro Staff |  2 Comments

Green Army Men have been an American classic for generations, and nearly every American boy has engaged in creative play with them at one time or another. Inspired by American troops from WWII through the Korean War, these green plastic figures have been a favorite toy for children since the 1950s. Also called toy soldiers,

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