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Coca-Cola DIY Project: A Beautiful Handcrafted Pie Safe Cabinet

Apr 26, 2018 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

A customer recently shared her photos of a beautiful pie safe cabinet her husband made for her using Coca-Cola signs purchased by us here at Not only is her husband a wonderfully talented woodworker, the clever use of the Coke signs as panels in the cabinet made for a great design element. The reproduction

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Custom-Made Beer Cooler Carts Featuring Vintage Style Metal Signs

Dec 13, 2017 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

We’re pleased to share the story of a customer who has a unique talent. Jeff Peck has a knack for building custom wooden cooler carts with a gorgeous retro look. We wanted to share these special coolers with you as well as the story behind why Jeff makes them. Jeff is from Iowa and builds

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