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Superhero Comic Book History

May 18, 2017 |  Retro Staff No Comments

  Comic book fans and collectors divide the last 80 years of the publication of Superhero comic books into four ages: Golden (1938–1950), Silver (1956–1970), Bronze (1970–1985) and Modern (1985–the present). Prior to Superhero comics, there were “pulps” or pulp fiction novels that sold on newsstands for 10 cents with action heroes like The Shadow,

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Thor: The Dark World to Open This Friday [First, Some History…]

Nov 07, 2013 |  Retro Staff 1  Comment

Someone at Marvel Studios needs to explain why Thor: The Dark World is opening on Friday, November 8th, and not Thursday, the 7th. The reason? Thursday is actually named for Thor (“Thor’s day”—you can learn about that here). Missed marketing opportunities aside, fans of Marvel’s god of thunder will flock to theaters Friday and revel

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Spooky Stuff!

Oct 23, 2013 |  Retro Staff No Comments

Who were you in high school? The guy who figured out that taking photography class was a guaranteed A—and who knew you could ask any pretty girl to sit for a picture because it was, ahem, schoolwork? The captain of the cheerleaders? The girl voted most likely to play Thelma in a drama club production of Scooby Doo? The

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Farewell to Carmine Infantino: Silver Age Comics Creator

Apr 04, 2013 |  Retro Staff No Comments

While his name might not be on the tip of every comic book reader’s tongue, the work of Carmine Infantino is both recognizable and vast. As a penciller, inker, creator and editor, he was a driving force in the Silver Age of Comics (mid-50s to early-70s), and is consider a true legend. Born in Brooklyn,

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The Wise Little Hen Presents Donald Duck

Jun 09, 2012 |  Retro Staff 1  Comment

Donald Duck made his debut in 1934 in a short film called The Wise Little Hen. In the cartoon, Donald and his friend, Peter Pig, try to avoid working by faking a stomach ache. One of the most popular cartoon characters of all time, Donald has appeared in more films than any other Disney character,

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Wham! Bang! Pow! Retro Wall Decor for the Comic Book Fan

Dec 08, 2010 |  Retro Staff No Comments

Great for an office, playroom, gameroom or child’s bedroom, these vintage-style comic book signs – shown here with our retro Batman signage – add excitement to your décor. You can either paint an accent wall a vibrant color, or use faux panels (wood or brick) that you can find at your local home improvement store.

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