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Top 10 Christmas Decor Gift Ideas

Nov 18, 2014 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

The spirit of Christmas really does start at home. You can enhance the holidays by playing carols and putting up a tree, but nostalgic Christmas decor will really help you capture the magic of a traditional Christmas. We’ve put together a Top 10 Holiday Decorating Ideas video that suggests some vintage-style decor that will infuse

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10 Great Gifts for Dad

May 14, 2014 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

Father’s Day this year is June 15th. Chances are, your dad is way beyond the traditional tie. Enter: unique retro decor and FUNctional goodies. If you’re on the hunt for a Father’s Day gift he’ll love, use and remember, here are ten great vintage-inspired gifts. 1. A sign for his man cave. Dad’s marked his territory,

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Yay for No Housework Day!

Apr 07, 2014 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

According to several “national holiday” sites on the web, April 7th is “No Housework Day”.  There’s not much history behind this “special day”, and most sources assume it originated from someone who was tired of performing daily chores. But, who cares? If I can come up with an excuse not to do the dishes, run

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Jan 24, 2014 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

In days past we scribbled our name on generic Valentine cards to pass out to our classmates. Occasionally, there would be a special one that landed in our heart-shaped envelope we’d made out of construction paper. Now that we’re older, we look for other ways to show our adoration for our spouses, significant others and

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When It Comes To Eggs? Nog Makes the Grade

Dec 07, 2013 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

Eggs. Sure, they’re a food staple and a fave for many worldwide. Me? I’m not one of those people. For yours truly, when it comes to eggs, they’d better be cooked into brownies or a cake, because that’s about the extent of my yolking around. That said, however, I recall a Christmas gathering my parents threw, circa 1975 or

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How to Thank a Cool Boss (in retro fashion, of course!)

Oct 06, 2013 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

If you love your boss, you’ll want to show that appreciation on October 16th. National Boss’s Day was registered with the US Chamber of Commerce in 1958 by Patricia Bays Horoski, a secretary for State Farm Insurance in Deerfield, Illinois. She chose October 16th because that was her father’s birthday. At the time, Horoski worked

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It’s National Coffee Day!

Sep 29, 2013 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

It’s not like coffee drinkers (which counts for about 85% of Americans) need a special day to celebrate. But we sure wouldn’t mind getting a free cup of joe while we reminisce about the past. September 29th is National Coffee Day, and that means lots of coffee shops are giving us freebies, including Dunkin’ Donuts,

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Uncle Sam Day (September 13th)

Sep 13, 2013 |  Retro Staff |  2 Comments

It may not be celebrated with the fanfare of the 4th of July, but when it comes to symbolizing the spirit and patriotism that makes America great, Uncle Sam Day has its own special place. In 1989, when then-President George H.W. Bush delivered the proclamation below, I was a junior in college and living in

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