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8 Rare Vintage Candy, Gum & Cigarette Vending Machines

Sep 30, 2014 |  Retro Staff No Comments

Modern vending machines were immensely popular during the ’50s and’60s. These “24 hour shops” dispensed all types of products, including household items (like razor blades) and school supplies (like pencils). The most active vending machines served up candy, cigarettes and soda pops. Here we feature some rare finds. Some of these machines were restored by

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Hats off to Nello Ferrara and Atomic Fireballs

Feb 10, 2012 |  Retro Staff No Comments

We at Retro Planet were saddened to hear of the recent death of Nello Ferrara, inventor of one of our favorite retro candies, Atomic Fireballs. The former head of the Ferrara Pan Candy Company – which also produces Boston Baked Beans and Lemonheads – Ferrara came up with the idea to make a spicy candy

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