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It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Cake Time!

Sep 18, 2013 |  Retro Staff No Comments

My father-in-law was a long-time PB&J fan. Every year he’d volunteer to help host events for kids, and every year the committee would turn down his plea to serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, in fear someone allergic to peanut butter would mistakenly bite into one. So, when he passed and we celebrated his life,

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St. Patrick’s Day Ice Cream (Ten-B-Low)

Mar 17, 2013 |  Retro Staff No Comments

From Ten-B-Low Concentrated Real Ice Cream comes this 1950s ad for a minty, green frozen treat to celebrate March 17th. Ten-B-Low was a trademarked brand that started in 1941, producing a condensed milk product that was used as a base in making any flavor ice cream at home. It was sold in cans that yielded

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Thanksgiving Turkey: My Favorite Recipe & Tips

Nov 17, 2012 |  Retro Staff No Comments

I’ve eaten loads of turkey, and I’ve roasted plenty. As an avid cook, I’m always looking for ways to cook “smarter not harder” while also producing a great-tasting entree. I’ve tried many recipes and followed many tips for roasting turkey. Years ago I simply buttered and salted the bird heavily before roasting. I’ve tried the

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Marshmallow Fluff and the Fluffernutter!

Aug 11, 2012 |  Retro Staff 2 Comments

One of the most classic sandwich treats of years past is the Fluffernutter. Traditionally, it’s a sandwich made with white bread, peanut butter, and Marshmallow Fluff (a brand of marshmallow creme). But who invented this tasty snack? And, more so, what was the inspiration for the component of gooey, sticky, sugary creme? It all started

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