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A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Dec 22, 2012 |  Retro Staff No Comments

Premiering December 9, 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas is a holiday fave for both young and old. This animated Christmas special has proved itself as timeless, having aired for more than 47 years. Like many early television-aired shows, though, this Peanuts special has an interesting history. This special was the Peanuts comic strip’s first animated

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Christmas DIY: Contruction Paper Garland

Dec 21, 2012 |  Retro Staff No Comments

Remember making garland out of construction paper? For decades kids made these in school and at home. The project requires nothing more than colored paper and a stapler (or tape). While crafting has gotten much more ornate, we love this back-to-basics, old-school method of decorating the tree, alcove or hallway. This Christmas take the kids

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1957 Sears Christmas Catalog

Dec 08, 2009 |  Retro Staff 5 Comments

A Nostalgic Look at the Sears Christmas Catalog I recall growing up in the 1960s when one of the most anticipated events in the Christmas season was the arrival of the Sears catalog at our home. My brothers and I would take turns (honestly!) going through the toy pages and making our lists for Santa

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