Ted’s Root Beer Bottle

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Reproduction Bottle of Ted’s Root Beer

This bottle is a “fantasy piece”, meaning it was created later than the real thing. Not an authentic bottle of Ted’s Root Beer, this was made some time in the 1980s, to look like the much older item. The clues to the age of this bottle are the bottle’s size and the place of manufacture. The real Ted’s root beer was only sold in 8 and 12-ounce bottles. This is a 7-ounce bottle. Also, Ted’s was bottled in Needham, Mass., not Boston as is marked on the back of this bottle. In addition, Ted’s Root Beer was only manufactured between 1957 and 1967.

This is a great collectible but, unfortunately, is not the real thing. Items like this can be a lot of fun, as long as you know what you have. So, be careful when acquiring your collectibles and be sure about what you’re getting!

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Last updated: Apr 02, 2010
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