Ted’s Root Beer

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Moxie Ted’s Root Beer Soda Bottlecap

Major League Baseball star Ted Williams played his entire 22-year career as left fielder for the Boston Red Sox. He was recognized twice as Most Valuable Player, one the Triple Crown twice and led the league in batting six times. He was the last MLB player to bat over .400 in a season and holds the highest batting average of anyone credited with 500 career home runs.

In an effort to boost slumping sales, Moxie Corporation hired Williams as Assistant Advertising Manager in 1957. His salary was reportedly $1,000 a year as the company vied to capitalize on his stardom as an American baseball great.

Ted Williams Root Beer Metal Sign

Ted Williams Root Beer Metal Sign

Ted’s Root Beer was sold in 8- and 12-ounce bottles until it was discontinued in 1967. Despite the company’s grand attempts, Moxie had become primarily a New England soda company.

Due to its brief appearance in the market, there isn’t a lot of information out there about Ted’s Root Beer other than some rare signage that was created using Williams’ to promote the flavor.

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