The Three Stooges® Photo Sculptures

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Three Stooges Mummy

Three Stooges® in Egypt Photo Cutout

Whether trekking intrepidly through the desert or posing in their best golf attire, the Three Stooges®, featured on these fashionable Homestands®, are up to the challenge of decorating your home or office!

3 Stooges Play Golf

The Three Stooges® Play Golf Cutout

Add a few nyuks to your workspace with a photo sculpture of Moe, Larry, and Curly or Moe, Larry, and Shemp! These statuettes are the perfect cubicle decor – slim, sturdy, and lightweight, each photo cutout is made of durable PVC and comes with a sleek, black plastic stand that’s narrow enough to perch on most monitors. Plus, each of these Three Stooges® stand-ups is printed in vibrant color. Perfect for putting a little lightheartedness into your workday and taking up a place of honor on your desk!

Three Stooges Behind Sofa

Three Stooges® in Hiding Homestand Cutout

But the Stooges certainly aren’t limited to your desk! Ideal for entertainment centers, the Three Stooges® will put some humor in your home theater decor or liven up your living room. With scenes from many of their famous shorts like Idle Roomers and Three Little Beers, there’s something in our Homestands® collection to please every Stooge fan! Small enough to stay subtle but a bright enough accent to get noticed, these always versatile boys are a great fit just about anywhere! After all, who could resist these faces?

Three Stooges Suitors

Three Stooges® with Flowers Photo Cutout

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