Texaco Road Map of New York

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1961 Texaco Filling Station Road Map

Today Texaco is one of the largest oil companies in the world. It began in 1901 as the Texas Fuel Company, after an oil strike at the Spindletop oil field in Beaumont, Texas prompted the start of numerous new oil companies. In 1902 Joseph S. Cullinan and Arnold Schlaet formed the Texas Company, which absorbed the Texas Fuel Company. The Texas Company quickly developed into one of the major oil companies in the US.

The nickname “Texaco” became widely accepted and was registered as a trademark in 1906. The company name was officially changed in 1959. The famous red star with a green “T” was first used in 1909 and the first Texaco filling station was opened in 1911 in Brooklyn, New York. In 1928 Texaco became the first oil company to do business in all 48 states.

Pictured here is a 1961 Texaco road map of New York. The illustrations show an art deco style Texaco station, which would have been the most current Texaco gas station design at the time. The year this map was published was the start of the Texaco ad campaign called “The Man who wears the Star”. This campaign was to reassure customers they could trust the man at the Texaco filling stations wearing the Texaco uniform. A Texaco station attendant is pictured on the back of the map wearing a cap with the Texaco star.

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