This Week In Beatles History: March 15 – March 21

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Beatles Yellow Submarine PuzzleDid you ever wonder about what The Beatles were up to on a week-to-week basis?  Are you a Beatles trivia buff?  Test your knowledge here as you look at what happened to The Beatles in a specific week in time.

March 15, 1961 – Stuart Sutcliffe, the original bass guitarist, left the group.  He was credited with coming up with the name for the band, The Beatals, (or Beetles) which eventually became The Beatles.

March 16, 1963 – The Beatles performed live on the BBC’s Saturday Club and followed it up with a performance at Sheffield City Hall.

March 16, 1964 – The band released “Can’t Buy Me Love”/”You Can’t Do That” in the U.S.  It sold 2 million copies in the first week.

March 19, 1964 – The Beatles were presented with the Variety Club of Great Britain’s Award for Show Business Personalities of 1963 by Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

March 15, 1966 – The movie Help! was nominated for a Grammy for Best Original Score for a Motion Picture or Television Show.

March 18, 1967 – “Penny Lane” reached the top of the charts in the US, staying there for one week.

March 20, 1969 – John and Yoko were married at the British Consulate in the British protectorate of Gibraltar.

March 20, 1976 – Paul’s band, Wings, moved their world tour to Europe, starting with Copenhagen, Denmark.

March 21, 1984 – Strawberry Fields was opened in New York’s Central Park and was dedicated to John Lennon.

March 18, 1996Anthology 2 was released, reaching No 1 in both the U.K. charts and U.S. charts.

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