Retro History: January 18 – January 24

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

World News & the American Experience:

1937 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt becomes the first U.S. President to be inaugurated on the date of January 20th, per the 20th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

1943 – A ban stops U.S. bakers from selling sliced bread. Until the end of World War II, only whole loaves were sold. This was to reduce demand for metal parts.

1968 – The Apollo 5 launches to the Moon; it is the first unmanned flight of the Apollo Lunar Module, which would later carry astronauts there.

1973 – The Supreme Court makes its decision in Roe v Wade.

Movies & TV:

1948The Original Amateur Hour debuts on the DuMont network, hosted by Ted Mack.

1953 – 68% of all TV sets in the U.S. are tuned to CBS-TV as Lucy Ricardo, of I Love Lucy, gives birth to a baby boy.

Dick Clark American Bandstand


1959 – Dick Clark’s American Bandstand is the #1 daytime TV show in the U.S.

1968Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In debuts on NBC-TV. It would become the highest-rated comedy show in history.

1970The Johnny Cash Show is broadcast for the first time in prime time on ABC-TV.

1972Emergency, with Robert Fuller, premieres on NBC TV.

1974The Six Million Dollar Man, starring Lee Majors, premieres on ABC TV.

1975The Jeffersons premieres on CBS-TV.

Cast of THE A-TEAM

Cast of THE A-TEAM

1983The A-Team is first broadcast on NBC.

Music & Radio:

1930The Lone Ranger is broadcast for the first time on WXYZ-Detroit.

1944 – The first jazz concert is held at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, starring Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Artie Shaw, Roy Eldridge and Jack Teagarden.

1946The Fat Man debuts on ABC radio, starring J. Scott Smart.

1954 – The National Negro Network is formed.

1964 – The Beatles first appear on the Billboard Chart with “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

1964 – The first album by The Beatles is released, entitled Meet the Beatles.

Saturday Night Fever Album Cover1978 – The soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever reaches #1 on the album charts, and stays there for 6 months.

1980 – Pink Floyd’s The Wall hits #1.

1986 – The AIDS charity record, “That’s What Friends are For,” reaches #1.

Arts & Entertainment:

1955 – The board game Scrabble debuts.

Celebrity Headlines:

1958 – Elvis Presley receives a letter from the draft board in Memphis, TN ordering him to report for duty. It allows a 60-day deferment for him to finish the film, King Creole.

Judy Garland as Dorothy

Judy Garland as Dorothy

1969 – Judy Garland dies at 48 of an overdose.


1967 – The US female Figure Skating championship is won by Peggy Fleming.

1973 – George Foreman knocks out Joe Frazier in the 2nd round for the heavyweight boxing title.

1983 – Hulk Hogan pins Iron Sheik for the World Wrestling Federation title.

1984 – The US male Figure Skating championship is won by Scott Hamilton.

1989 – Wayne Gretzky passes Marcel Dionne to become NHL’s 2nd all time scorer.

Technology & Inventions:

1955 – The first atomic-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, launches at Groton, Connecticut.

Apple Macintosh Computer 1984

Apple Macintosh Computer (1984)

1984 – Apple Computer, Inc unveils its Macintosh personal computer.

Automobile News:

1954 – The gas turbine automobile is introduced in New York City.

Famous Birthdays:

1928 – Martin Landau, actor

1930 – Buzz (Edwin) Aldrin Jr, astronaut

1931 – Tippi (Natalie) Hedren, actress

1931 – Sam Cooke, singer

1934 – Bill (Wilfred Bailey) Bixby

1939 – Wolfman Jack, disc jockey

1939 – Phil Everly, singer

1940 – Jack Nicklaus, professional golfer

1941 – Neil Diamond, singer

1941 – Aaron Neville, singer

1941 – Ron Townson, singer

1943 – Janis Joplin

1946 – Dolly Parton

1949 – Robert Palmer, singer

1950 – Billy Ocean, singer

1953 – Desi Arnaz Jr.

1959 – Linda Blair, actress

1965 – John Michael Montgomery, country singer

1968 – Mary Lou Retton

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