Retro History: October 26 – November 1

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World News & the American Experience:

Black Monday Crowds 1929

Black Monday Crowds (1929)

1929 – Black Monday and Black Tuesday…  The crash of the stock market is one of the factors contributing to the Great Depression.

1962 – The Cuban missile crisis ends.  President Kennedy announces the USSR is dismantling missile bases.

1966 – The National Organization For Women (NOW) is founded.

Movies & TV:

1954Disneyland, Walt Disney’s 1st television program, premieres on ABC.

1956 – The Huntley-Brinkley Report premieres on NBC-TV.

1964 – The Rolling Stones appear on The Ed Sullivan Show.

1974 – Rhoda Morgenstern marries Joe Girard on Rhoda, on CBS.

Orson Welles Broadcast War of the WorldsMusic & Radio:

1938 – H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds” is broadcast by Orson Welles on CBS’s Mercury Theater.   The format of the show convinces thousands of Americans that they are being attacked by aliens, and a nationwide panic ensues.

1942Thanks to the Yanks, a wartime radio show with Bob Hawk, debuts on CBS radio.

1946Sky King premieres on ABC radio.

1947You Bet Your Life, with Groucho Marx, premieres on ABC radio.

1964 – The Supremes’ “Baby Love” is the #1 single for 4 weeks.

1969Abbey Road, by The Beatles, is #1 on U.S. album charts for 11 weeks.

1969 – Elvis Presley has his last #1 pop single with “Suspicious Minds”.

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Poster1983 – Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon has been on the Top 200 Albums Chart for 724 consecutive weeks, breaking the record.

Media and The Arts:

1955 – New York City’s alternative newspaper, The Village Voice isfirst published.

1967 – The musical, Hair, premieres in New York City.

Hair - The Musical

Hair – The Musical

1970 – Doonesbury, created by 22-year-old Garry Trudeau, is published in 28 newspapers across the country.

Celebrity Headlines:

1926 – Harry Houdini dies, possibly from appendicitis.

1964 – Sonny and Cher marry.

1968 – Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis marry on the island of Scorpios.

1975 – Rocker Bruce Springsteen appeares on the covers of TIME and Newsweek.

1977 – Ronnie Van Zant and Steve Gaines, from Lynyrd Skynyrd, die in a plane crash.


1950 – Charles Cooper, from the Boston Celtics, is the first black man to play in the National Basketball Association.

1959 – Jacques Plante, a hockey player for the NHL Montreal Canadians, plays with a face mask he had made out of fiberglass and resin.  He starts a trend, and now every goalie wears one.

1960 Cassius Clay & Tunney Hunsaker Fight

1960 Cassius Clay & Tunney Hunsaker Fight

1960 – Cassius Clay wins his first professional fight over Tunney Hunsaker in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Technology & Inventions:

1931 – DuPont invents neoprene, a synthetic rubber, and calls it Duprene.

1938 – DuPont settles on the name “nylon” for its new synthetic fiber.

1945 – The first ballpoint pen goes on sale at Gimbels Department Store in New York City, 57 years after its patent.

Automobile News:

1954 – Chevrolet unveils the V-8 engine.

Famous Birthdays:

1936 – Michael Landon, actor

1939 – Grace Slick, singer (Jefferson Airplane)

1941 – Otis Williams, musician (Temptations)

1945 – Henry Winkler, actor

1946 – Chris Slade, rocker (AC/DC)

1947 – Hillary Rodham Clinton

1955 – Bill Gates

1967 – Julia Roberts

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