Tiki Blogs to Kick Off Tiki Mugs on Sale This Week

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To start the summer season off on a party note, we’re having a tiki mug sale this week at Retro Planet. Get 10% off automatically when you purchase any tiki mugs from our collection of over 150 mugs and scorpion bowls. And just in case you missed some of our previous blogs on tiki mugs, we’ve provided some links below. You can read up on tiki mug history and tiki culture while enjoying a tiki cocktail. And speaking of cocktails, we’ve added links to some of the greatest tiki cocktail recipes to help get you started on your summer relaxation and entertaining!

Our tiki blogs include:

Tiki Culture: In History and On Trend Today

The Forbidden Island Tiki Bar

Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge Alameda, CA. Photo used with permission from Michael and Mano Thanos. Photo credit: Zero Coordinate Photography


Collecting Tiki Mugs: From Trader Vic’s to Tiki Farm

Tiki Mug Collection

Pictured are tiki mugs we still sell as well as some that we offered in the past. Be sure to check out our store, because there are more designs available at RetroPlanet.com all the time!


Captain Morgan White Rum Commercial Tiki Mugs

Happy and Lucky Tiki Mugs

Both the Happy and Lucky tiki mugs are featured in the Captain Morgan Rum television commercial. You can find these classic tiki drink mugs at RetroPlanet.com


And here are our Tiki cocktail blogs:

Retro Tiki Cocktail: The Mai Tai

Mai Tai Drink Recipe








Retro Tiki Cocktail: The Zombie

Zombie Tiki Drink Recipe








Retro Tiki Cocktail: Scorpion Bowl

Scorpion Bowl Cocktail Recipe








Retro Tiki Cocktail: Painkiller

Painkiller Tiki Drink Recipe








And of course, we bring you the history of the popular Hula Doll:
History of the Hula Girls Dashboard Doll

Hula Dashboard Doll History

Hula Dolls are such an essential element whenever you would like to create a tiki atmosphere. They’re great for your home or dashboard and would look awesome on a home bar!

We hope that featuring links for our most popular tiki blogs helps to get you in the mood for some tiki!


Last updated: Jun 21, 2016
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