Tiki Farm Mugs: The Ipu Warriors

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This fearsome trio are the latest artist-designed tiki mugs offered by the California-based manufacturer, Tiki Farm. These striking mugs represent the formidable Ipu Warriors—sounds scary, doesn’t it? They believe themselves to be extremely intimidating, so don’t giggle when I explain that “Ipu” is a type of Hawaiian gourd.

Tiki Mugs by Philippe Tilikete

These collectible Tiki Mugs represent Wisdom, Pride and Strength.

Yup, traditionally, Ipu gourds were used by Polynesian Hawaiians for the storage of food and water. Appropriate, don’t you think—considering that these Tiki mugs have been designed to hold your precious beverages in true Polynesian style?

Signed Ha'aheo Proud Warrior Mug

The bottom of each mug includes the artist’s name.

These limited edition mugs were crafted by the artist Philippe Tilikete, a character and props designer for the animation industry. The mugs represent three mighty virtues: Akamai, symbolizes Wisdom, Ha’aheo stands for Pride and the warrior Ikaika personifies Strength. Ranging from 6 1/2″ to 7 1/8″ tall, the three mugs have a capacity of between 11 and 15 ounces and are more than ready to take on any drink-holding challenge you may throw at them.

Okay, so they’re not so scary with paper umbrellas protruding from their heads…. Just picture these three warriors lined up on your home bar—these cocktail mugs are more interesting than cocktail glasses could ever be! And since they’re limited editions and available only for a brief time, they’re collectible, too.

Last updated: Jul 29, 2014
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