Timeless Modern Furniture: The Panton Chair

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The Panton Chair in White

The Panton Chair is popular with collectors and mid-century modern furniture enthusiasts.

With its unique design and striking mod style, it’s no wonder the Panton Chair has been around for more than half a century. Danish architect and designer Verner Panton first conceived the idea for this incredible chair in the late fifties, and finally introduced it in 1967.  This astounding piece was, at the time, a breakthrough in the world of modern furniture.

This cantilevered chair seems to defy gravity with its distinct lack of legs.  No joints hold it together—it’s made of a single, sturdy piece of weather-resistant plastic.  With its streamlined design, the Panton flows elegantly upwards from the ground, adding organic, natural lines to any room.

Considering  its beautiful and unique nature, it’s no surprise that the Panton took the sixties by storm.  It caught on like wildfire, and, after a resurgence in popularity, it’s still going strong! Even today it stands as a distinct design that is highly sought after by collectors and modern furniture aficionados. Sets of original Panton Chairs have sold at fine auction houses for well over a thousand dollars.

The 1960s produced some amazing and iconic pieces of furniture, but the Panton Chair rises above many of the other designs.  It is a testament to the talent of Verner Panton that these chairs fit effortlessly into just about any décor – they have appeared on magazine covers, in restaurants, in offices, and in schools.  They’re durable enough to sit by a pool or patio, and make a great substitute for regular, dining room chairs.  They’re a comfortable alternative in a home theater, and a perfect way to punch up the mid-century modern décor in living rooms and offices.

The Panton Chair pops up in some unexpected places, as well.  Designers from Qubus Studios used white Pantons in lieu of pews when working on St. Bartholomew’s Church in Eastern Bohemia.

You can read more about Verner Panton and his groundbreaking contributions to modern furniture and design at the official reference online portal.

Last updated: Apr 16, 2012
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