Totally Retro: Pool House Goes Back to 1955

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Image of retro kitchen in pool house

Nancy’s pool house takes us back in time. (Source: Retro Renovation)

Here’s an awesome find we stumbled across at Retro Renovation – a pool house modeled with pure retro in mind.

Built just this year, Nancy’s little getaway screams “I’m so retro!” right down to a custom styling of the front of the dishwasher. From wall decor and knick knacks to the flooring, it would be nearly impossible to walk into this abode donning today’s fashion and not feel completely out of place.

Kate at Retro Renovation shares all the details, accompanied by more than a dozen photos that have left us here at Planet Retro drooling. Nancy totally nailed the 1950s decorating style. It’s designs like this that make us miss the past so much, and inspire us to find ways to transform our own living quarters, even if on tight budgets.

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Do you have a “right down to the molding” retro-inspired room or home? We’d love to see pics and hear your story!



Last updated: Oct 23, 2012
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