Glo Worm – Part Plush, Part Nightlight

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Glo WormThe Glo Worm was introduced  by Hasbro (under Playskool) in 1982 with great success. Part plush and part flashlight, the original Glo Worm was geared toward young children who needed “safety” while they slept.

Glo Worm’s green-pajamaed worm body had a zippered back. Inside was a plastic battery-powered tube with a bulb at the top (which sat inside the head area). Glo Worm’s face glowed when his body was squeezed.

The toy inspired the launch of story books, night lights, and additional glowing friends of the Glo Worm. Later models also played lullabies.

Part of the GLO line is still produced, but it is now geared primarily toward babies.

In 2011, TIME listed the Glo Worm at #77 on their list: All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys.

Take a look at this 1985 television commercial, featuring Glo Worm, Glo Butterfly and Glo Bug (aka Glo Friends):


Did you (or your child) have a Glo Worm (or one of his friends)?


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