Tudor Tru-Action Electric Baseball Game

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This Tudor Electric Baseball Game was manufactured by the Tudor Metal Products Corporation of New York in the 1950s. It’s in beautiful mint condition with the original box and was found in an antique shop in New Hampshire. This vintage 1950s game is made of tin with lithographed graphics. It comes with a magnetic baseball that gets placed on a lever behind home plate that serves as the baseball bat. This is pulled back and released to simulate hitting the ball. Players start at home plate, the ball flies, and the circles in the outfield indicate what kind of ball was hit and how many bases to run. Or it’ll tell you if you’ve scored an out.


Tudor Baseball Game

This 1950s Tudor Tru-Action Baseball Game is in near-mint condition. These were exciting games for kids prior to the invention of the video game and can still be fun to play today.


Tudor Corp. was started by Elmer Sas after he had success with the manufacture of the Budget Bank in 1929. Sas leased, and later purchased, the patent from the Budget Bank’s inventor. Designed to help save and budget money to pay designated expenses, the bank was very popular during the Depression. Tudor Corp. also manufactured other metal items like musical toy instruments at that time.

In 1948 Elmer Sas’ son, Norman became the president of Tudor Corp. at just 23 years old. He had earned degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration from MIT while in the Navy, as part of the officer training program. He had also worked at General Electric as a mechanical engineer prior to becoming head of Tudor Corp.


Tru-Action Electric Baseball

This game was made by the Tudor Metal Products Corp., now known as Tudor Games, famous for their electric football games.


Under the direction of Norman Sas, Tudor Corp. designed and manufactured electric board games, like auto and horse racing. In 1949 Sas designed the game that made him a legend in electric game board circles—electric football. Tudor Corp. also began producing the Tru-Action Electric Baseball Game which is featured here. Many of us who remember the late ’60s and 70s knew someone who received an electric football or baseball game (in my case, my brother) or possibly may have found one under the Christmas tree with your name on it. These electric board games were immensely popular gift items for kids in an age before video games.


Game Pieces Run The Bases

The game pieces represent the runners as they make their way around the bases. The type of ball they hit is determined by where the magnetic ball lands in the field.


With the Tudor Metal Products Corporation’s massive success with electric football, Tudor changed its name to Tudor Games. Upon his retirement in 1988, Norman Sas sold Tudor Games to Miggle Toys. In 2012 they were acquired by Ballpark Classics, Inc., a Seattle toy manufacturer. They then changed the company’s name back to Tudor Games, as an homage to the original manufacturer of electric football.

Tudor Games still manufactures electric baseball games, which are a bit more sophisticated than the original 1950s version. But honestly, the older games can be a lot more fun to play. Don’t you think?

Do you have fond memories of getting an electric baseball (or football) game as a child? Leave us a comment and tell us about it.

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