Unique Gift Ideas

Retro Staff Comments

It’s holiday shopping time again!  Time to run around the mall or scroll through websites looking for a truly unique gift, something really fun, quirky or useful.  Well, no need to tear your hair out over finding a unique gift.  At RetroPlanet, we carry gifts your friends and loved ones have never seen before.  That’s what a unique gift is:  something they would never think to buy themselves, but when they unwrap it at holiday time, they say “Whoa!  That is so cool!”

Here’s are some gift suggestions for the person who has everything – except these!

Duct Tape Novelty Tie

Duct Tape Necktie

There are two types of guys:  those who hate wearing ties and those who hate wearing ties but have to anyway.  Now the man’s man in your life can dress up on his own terms.  Yes, this tie is 100% genuine duct tape, layered and shaped into the manliest piece of neckwear ever!  Great for handymen or anyone who works in an office.  And as Christmas gifts for Dad goes, it’s guaranteed to make it to the front of his “another tie” collection!

Mouse Trap Cheeseboard and Cutter Set

Oh Snap!  Cheeseboard & Cutter

Sure, everyone can use a cheeseboard.  Now put a quirky spin on it and you get this cool cheeseboard and cutter set designed to look like a mousetrap!  Add some gourmet cheeses and crackers and you’ve got a fun gift basket for a hostess or holiday gift for a cheese lover. (Or anyone with a mouse problem.)

Pu-Pu Platter Serving SetPu Pu Platter with Hibachi

Here’s a perfect example of a gift you don’t know you need until you get one.  You’ll earn eternal thanks from anyone who loves Chinese take-out when you give this cool platter.   Not only does it provide a stylish, decorative way to serve Pu-Pu fare, it also comes with a mini iron hibachi grill to keep those egg rolls and chicken fingers hot and fresh.   Pair it with a gift card to a friend’s or loved one’s favorite Chinese restaurant.

The tray can also be used to make s’mores.  Load it up with marshmallows, graham crackers and candy bars and maybe your recipient will invite you over for s’mores and movie night!

Brass Knuckles Novelty Coffee Mug

Fisticup Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug

An absolutely perfect gift for someone who works in a ruthless office setting or likes their coffee super bold.  This coffee mug’s rough-and-tumble style hits harder than a right cross.   Pair it with a bag of dark roast and some bandages for a fun gag gift.

Stainless Steel Cake Stand

Cake Stand

Many people love to bake, but not many have cake stands.  This quality steel cake stand comes with an acrylic cover and is perfect for a baker or dessert addict.  Make a cake, pie or cupcakes and then give the treat along with the cake stand.  It’s a great presentation and your recipient will think of you every time he or she uses it.

Retro Volcano Tropical Drink Bowl Volcano Drink Bowl

Here’s an explosively fun gift idea, taken right out of a Polynesian restaurant.  You know the drill: a yummy tropical drink goes in the outer ring, and a bit of rum or other flammable liquid goes in the volcano.  Just light it up and enjoy party drinks by firelight!  Complement this colorful drink bowl with a bottle of rum or a book of tropical drink recipes.  It can also be used as a snack bowl for fruit, nuts or anything that can be shared.

Table Saw Pizza Cutter

Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Cutter

The perfect union of fun and functional:  a “table saw” designed to cut pizza!   Its stainless steel blade can handle everything from New York style to a Chicago deep dish.  Yet another fun gift for a tool guy or anyone who loves making homemade pizza.

Saw Citrus Cutter and Bottle Opener Citrus Bottle Opener

Perfect for the Corona crowd!  This plastic bottle opener is shaped like a mini saw so it doubles as a citrus cutter.  Add a six-pack and a few limes to make a particularly joyful Christmas gift set (with the understanding that you’ll be invited over for Corona and lime).  Also great for soda or seltzer lovers.

These are just a few unique gift ideas from our huge catalog.  Just browse the site and you’re bound to find holiday or Christmas gifts that are perfect for anyone on your list – and will make you the coolest person they know!