Top Picks: Unique Kitchen Gadgets

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Hot Heads Dog Silicone Oven Mitt

Forget the Ove Glove. The Hot Heads Dog silicone oven mitt is a functional conversation piece.

I love kitchen gadgets. Each year – for birthdays and Christmas – my family expects something totally unique that’s both functional and fun. From fruit-shaped pepper grinders to hi-tech garlic presses, unique gadgets are perfect for those who have “everything” or wouldn’t spend money on themselves (like myself).

Couple retro kitsch with a functional tool? To me, that’s the perfect equation.

To some, these unique utensils seem more like a novelty. But, they work just like their duller counterparts. Yes, duller… because cooking, slicing, cutting and flipping should be much more fun.

Keep Your Cool…

Traditional potholders and oven mitts are limited in their protection benefits. Standard ones use thin padding that prevents burning for just a few seconds. Silicone mitts, however, better prevent the “burn factor” and are easier to clean. My faves? The Frog Head and Pac-Man.

Pop Top Bottle Opener

It looks like an old can tab, but it’s actually a sturdy bottle opener.

Pop the Top…

Every kitchen needs a bottle opener. Wall mount openers are totally retro, but for those wanting portability look no further than the Razor Blade or the frog-style Hop & Pop. For wine bottles, there’s the Handlebar Opener that resembles an old-school mustache.

Prep in Style…

Have fun slicing, stirring and sharpening in retro novelty fashion. Cartoon lovers will get a kick out of the ACME Mouse Traps cheese board and slicer, while rock gods will tap their feet to the beat of stirring and spreading with the guitar spatula. And the Fill a Lily Funnel looks like a real flower.

Sharp Act Magical Knife Sharpener

The Sharp Act knife sharpener

Of course, kitchen knives need to be sharp (did you know there’s more damage caused by a dull knife?). Everyone’s a magician with the Sharp Act knife sharpener.

For cutting that homemade pizza, look no further than the popular Pizza Boss 3000, which looks like a circular saw and features a laser etched stainless steel blade. For cakes and such, there’s a plastic Hand Saw designed for the delicate things in life.

Cook and Bake in Style…

Who wouldn’t appreciate heart-shaped eggs for breakfast?  The I Love You egg shaper can also be used for pancakes and other breakfast treats. Couple them with Eiffel Tower stamped French toast. For cupcakes, try the Yumbots Robots molds – fill, bake and serve in a colorful retro robot.

And, let’s face it – traditional gingerbread men are great, but already eaten ones are better. Of course, you can put a spin on traditions and prompt the baking of NinjaBread Men (because everyone either loves or wants to be a ninja!).

NinjaBread Men cookie cutters

“They’re cut out for action!”

What’s the best retro novelty kitchen gadget you’ve given or received?

Last updated: Dec 13, 2012
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