Unique Retro Gifts: Citrus Saw Bottle Opener

Retro Staff Comments

One of the unique additions to the many interesting and fun products we carry is the Citrus Saw Bottle Opener. It is truly a bottle opener with a twist. Built to resemble a hand saw, the serrated edge works to cut slices of lime or any other citrus. And there’s a convenient bottle opener on the handle end of the saw. So with one little tool you’re able to pop open your favorite beer or soft drink, add a citrus slice and enjoy a refeshing drink.

Citrus Saw Bottle Opener Unique Retro Gift

It’s a great little tool that you’ll love to have on hand to quickly quench your thirst. Makes a terrific gift, too. Or a fun stocking stuffer. Enjoy!


Last updated: Sep 20, 2011
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