Tiki Bar Decor: Unique Tiki Torch DIY Ideas

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We’ve had a very tough winter this year in New England and as I sit here snowed in yet again, my mind can’t help but turn to thinking about the summer season that’s not all that far off. Of course,  one of the best things about summer is outdoor entertaining and all of the fun that brings. Since we are obsessed with tiki-themed parties at RetroPlanet, we were excited when we discovered the Garden Lovers Club website and their post about Fantastic DIY Tiki Torch Ideas.


Garden Torches

Wine bottle tiki torches on a fence have rustic charm.


This article was the perfect impetus to get me planning ahead for summer and thinking about adding some very cool tiki torches to the gathering space in our backyard. These would create the perfect decor for a tiki party setting! These projects can be done by anyone with elementary handyman skills (that’s about my speed) and a few basic tools. Just check out these fun tiki torch projects:



Bottle tiki torches on a fence as seen on Pinterest.



Copper pipe tiki torches at Homemade-Modern.com.


And my favorites are the wine bottle tiki torches. These are perfect for placing on individual tables or the ends of your tiki bar. These will add a real festive glow to your celebration.


Wine bottle tiki torches at The Garden Glove.


Our hope is that these ideas get your creative juices flowing and you come up with some of your own fantastic tiki torch ideas. Please share your stories and photos with us!

Last updated: Mar 08, 2018
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