Universal’s Totally Retro Resort Opens in 2014

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Universal Orlando has been working hard to take us back to the ’50s and ’60s. It’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort opens in early 2014, and if the pictures we’re seeing so far are any indication, the only futuristic aspect will be ourselves.

The new resort will feature two swimming pools with sand beaches, a lazy river, and a 10-lane bowling alley inside the hotel. Family suites include a kitchenette and sliding partition. Save for the television and appliances, all the fixtures and details are reminiscent of days gone by.

From a distance, the facade is beautiful. They’ve even integrated a lazy river into a natural setting so it doesn’t take away from that retro feel.

Cabana Bay Facade

Cabana Bay Facade


The front entrance welcomes us with a towering, atomic-style sign.

Cabana Bay Entrance

The front entrance to Cabana Bay. Note the expectation of a few vintage cars, too.


The architecture of the back and one of the pools is amazing, but my favorite part? Look at the diving platforms!

Cabana Bay Pool Area

Cabana Bay Pool Area


Of course, after seeing the room designs, I can imagine spending lots of time inside, too. They’re spacious and feature lots of wood and geometric shapes. Lots of blues and oranges, too!

Cabana Bay Room

Cabana Bay Room


These retro-themed rooms cost less than I thought. In the beginning of April, family suites can be had starting at $244 a night. The rate drops when tourist season is over (season is from mid-October to mid-April). A standard room in July during weekdays is around $164 a night (a poolside room is $179). And, the further in advance you book, the better. I found some rooms and suites during mid-December at just $124 and $179 respectively.

You can view more images, details and book rooms here.

Does Cabana Bay Resort make you want to rethink next year’s vacation plans? I’ll admit, I’m a sleep-cheap kind of gal, but I’m tempted to book a suite for a single night just to take myself back. Even if I never left the room, it would be a very welcomed day off.

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