Affordable Retro-Style Neon Clocks

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Blue Double Ring Chrome Neon ClockJust in at Retro Planet are these 14-inch double-ring neon clocks that will work anywhere you want a splash of well-lit color. These non-branded, retro-style clocks feature chrome bodies with outer neon rings that give a vibrant glow. The inner white rings light up the time, so you can see the hour from anywhere in the room.

Available in five retro colors, each clock features:

  • High-gloss chrome molding.
  • High-grade glass cover.
  • Accurate Quartz AA clock movement.
  • UL listed AC adapter (for lighting).
  • A 3-inch deep base.

The price? Just $59.99, making them an affordable piece of retro-style decor. And they’re cheaper to operate – since the clock itself runs on batteries, no electrical power is used when the neon lighting is not on.

Yellow Double Ring Chrome Neon Clock

Each clock features a colored outer ring, a white inner ring, and a high-gloss chrome molding.

They’re perfect for the kitchen, game room, home bar and kid’s room. Or, hang them in the garage alongside retro tin signs and wall decor.

Available in blue, yellow, green, red and purple, these clocks sport that classic design, so they’ll work with many types of decor and color schemes. They can be hung as the focal point of the room, or to accent other fixtures. Your choice…

Where’s the perfect spot in your home or business to hang one of these standard timepieces? And which is your favorite color?


Last updated: Aug 06, 2012
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