Victor Coca-Cola Kooler-Grill

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Victor Kooler Grill

Restored Victor Kooler Grill

Soda Bar was a name coined to describe bars made out of old soda coolers. A case could be made that many Victor coolers were used as bars or mock-bars during the fifties, primarily in ballparks and other vending locations. It wasn’t so common for actual bar tops to be affixed and stools put in front of them. During our restoration days, though, we did this plenty of times.

Here you’ll find the Victor Kooler-Grill, a soda and hot dog station made in Hagerstown, Maryland during the mid-1950s. One of the most unique coolers ever made, it was designed exclusively for Coca-Cola as a self-contained, fully functioning snack bar. These units attracted a lot of attention. They were originally used at venues like movie theaters and Woolworth stores.

This eye-catching cooler had a Roll-a-Grill set behind plexi-glass so the customers could see the hot dogs cooking. It also had a bun warmer, sink, cutting board, cash register platform and heated condiment containers. The countertop is stainless steel. On top is a revolving, illuminated Coca-Cola sign, giving this stand tons of impact.

Kooler Coke Sign

Top view of the restored Kooler Grill.


There were only 50 of these coolers manufactured, and only five are known to exist today. We were fortunate to be able to restore this one during our Vintage Vending restoration days.

  • Dimensions: 90 5/8″ wide x 31 9/16″ deep x 88 5/8″ high
  • Vending capacity: 510 bottles and 510 hot dogs
  • Weight: Approximately 895 pounds


Please note we are showing these items as part of our museum, and for reference only. We are no longer in the restoration and parts business and do not offer appraisals. Sorry, these items are not for sale.


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