Retro Ramblings: Vintage Burger King Menu

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Here is an interesting menu that was published in an April 1959 edition of “Diner Drive-In Magazine”. Back then Burger King had about 30 stores in 6 states in the South. They already had the Whopper, but did you know back then they had a larger burger called the “Jaw-Breaker”? The menu claimed, “DON’T ORDER THIS ONE! YOU PROBABLY CAN’T FINISH IT ALL ANYWAY!” With advertising like that, no wonder they discontinued it. Other interesting items on the menu are the BAR-B-Q Beef sandwich for .40 cents. The WHISTLE PIG, a bacon-wrapped hot dog stuffed with cheese then char-broiled for .30 cents. Also a CHILI DOG, “the best hot dog ever” for .25 cents. And a Char-Broiled STEAK SANDWICH for .60 cents.

I would not mind if they brought a few of those items back along with the Yumbo from the 80’s. Anyone remember the Yumbo? Today Burger King has around 11,550 locations worldwide in 71 countries. Not bad growth for a little hamburger joint from Miami that started in 1954.

Last updated: Jun 18, 2009
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