Vintage Style Christmas Signs Celebrate Christmas Decorating of the 1950s

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Saint Nick Lights Sign


While decorating for Christmas this year, you may like to add a vintage look to your decor. A fun (and easy) way to do this is to display colorful Christmas signs like our reproduction signs featuring retro packaging. Christmas signs you can find at include signs celebrating classic Christmas records, Christmas lights and vintage tree decorations—like fake snow and icicles!

Retro Planet Christmas Signs

We have the North Star Christmas Lights Steel Sign, the Saint Nick Christmas Light Ad Steel Sign and the Santa Industries Frosted Light Christmas Sign—all featuring art reproduced from mid-century Christmas string light packages. Just like we older folks remember from our childhoods in the 50s and 60s.

Vintage Christmas Record Sign

Santa Industries Lights Sign

Ornament Hanger Box Metal Sign

Sparkle Snow Vintage Box Sign

Vintage Tree Icicles Package Sign

To decorate Christmas trees in the 70s and 80s, many families switched to using the more delicate white fairy lights on the tree, rather than the large colorful variety, as my family did. I love the signs that celebrate the older, larger tree lights. They bring me right back to the wonderful days of standing in front of the tree in our home and looking at the large, colorful lights. Do you remember squinting your eyes and the dots of color seemed to get really large? (Sorry, I digress, but it’s fun to remember!)

Santa Is Here Metal Sign

The Hey Kids Santa Is Here Christmas Sign is reminiscent of signs displayed at toy department entrances in large department stores. It would let kids (and moms) know when Santa was there. Many kids considered visiting Santa a very important ritual in childhood. If Santa wasn’t told what gifts they were hoping for on Christmas, maybe it wouldn’t be under the tree on Christmas Day. Yes, a letter could be sent to the North Pole, but in person is always best.

Christmas Window Stencils Sign

I hope that you enjoy these reproduction signs as much as we do and that they bring some vintage charm to your home decor this holiday season. There are many more Christmas signs available than the ones highlighted here. Follow this link to see more Christmas signs. And click here for all of our Christmas decor.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Last updated: Dec 06, 2016
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