Vintage Finds: Naval Emergency Drinking Water Cans

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We wanted to share these great images of vintage canned water made in 1952 for the U.S. Navy. Emergency drinking water was put into cans like these to be loaded on Navy vessels during the Korean War. A clean, drinkable water supply was a necessary commodity at a time when servicemen in ships or aircraft could easily have found themselves in rafts awaiting rescue, possibly for extended periods of time.


Civil Defense Equipment

Compelling decor is easily achieved by gathering together a variety of collectibles to create a spot of interest in a room. There are no rules to follow, pick what you like and arrange in a way that you find pleasing and that you think looks cool. That’s what we did here, and we’re like the results!


We are featuring the canned water alongside civil defense fallout shelter signs, because we thought the cans look cool in this setting. Add a Geiger counter and position these on a rusted grate like we have here, and you have a very cool look for your man cave, TV room or office.


Vintage Naval Supplies

Displaying your flea market finds like this allows you to enjoy them every day. So don’t pack them away—rather, keep them out where you can see them and others can appreciate these unique items.


Last updated: Jun 22, 2015
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