Vintage Paint By Number Paintings As Retro Decor

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One fabulous hobby from the 1950’s has made a return as a vintage decor item as well as a collectible in its own right—the paint by number paintings. This wonderful pastime has become a great way to hang authentic paintings on your wall without having to pay high prices for it. These pieces are generally very affordable, and much to a collector’s glee all too many people are ready to get rid of them. So looking in attics, flea markets, yard sales and dumpster diving are the best ways to acquire these fun folk pieces and there are a lot of them to be found.

1950s Paint By Number Harlequin Paintings

So once you’ve acquired some paint by number paintings, you’re ready to hang them. Decorating with paint by number paintings is a bit of an art form in itself—but have no fear—anyone can do it. The paint by number paintings will be most appealing when displayed together in a group. So all of them tie them together, try sticking to a unifying theme, such as birds, dogs, horses, scenery or flowers. Hang these on a large open area on your wall and the result will be a real conversation starter as well as making a big statement. These paintings are true folk art made a generation or two ago by people just like you and me.

Grouped Dog Theme Paint By Number Paintings

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Painting by numbers was once so incredibly popular (Nelson Rockefeller, J. Edgar Hoover and Andy Warhol all painted them) that the Smithsonian featured an exhibit from April 2001 to January 2002 celebrating their appeal. You can see great examples of paint by number paintings and read more about them as a cultural icon as well as an art form here:

Harlequin Man Playing Flute Paint By Number


Harlequin Man Playing Lute Painting


Harlequin Woman Playing Tambourine Paint By Number

Last updated: May 12, 2017
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