Vintage and Reproduction Franciscan Starburst Mug and Drinking Glass Designs

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The Franciscan Pottery line was launched in 1934 by the Glendale, California pottery company known as Gladding-McBean. The name was changed to Franciscan Ware and in 1954 they released the popular pattern known as Starburst, one of three Modern Americana patterns that were printed on the Eclipse line of china dinnerware. This pattern, created in the mid-century modern aesthetic, was part of the Modern Americana marketing promotion. A far cry from the large flowers, bold colors, and soft pastels that had made up some of the 1940s offerings, the Starburst pattern, also called Atomic Starburst, was perfect for the Atomic Age. It remained popular into the 1970s.

Authentic Franciscan Ware produced by Gladding, McBean & Co. have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity. We’re lucky enough to have some of these pieces and we knew you’d want to see them!


Franciscan ware Dinnerware-Collection

Vintage Franciscan Ware like the pieces that we’re fortunate enough to own, can be found on eBay and at flea markets. Along with other collectors of vintage items, we know that the hunt is a big part of the fun! These items are not for sale.


Dishes with the original Starburst Franciscan Ware pattern can be found on eBay, at flea markets and yard sales. Some pieces will be more reasonably priced than others. If you’re a retro aficionado on a budget, we carry plenty of cool pieces that are perfect for use in your kitchen. Two of the most popular pieces are the Sputnik Mug and the Atomic Diner Drink Glass. We understand the allure of these fantastic pieces, and think it’s a shame to shut them up in a cupboard. After all, a good design is like art for your kitchen or dining room and you should be able to show these off.

We solved this issue by offering beautiful reproduction pieces with some, like the glasses and mugs, also available in sets. The Atomic Starburst 16-ounce Glass is available as a set of 4 or as a set of 8 glasses that includes a carrying rack you can tote to picnics or parties.  The stoneware mugs are available as a set that includes 4 diner-quality coffee mugs. Each of these make a fantastic addition to any kitchen or china cabinet. In addition, we also sell single pieces like the plates, coffee mugs, glasses and coordinating napkin holders, among other items that are available in the Atomic Starburst pattern.


Atomic Starburst Mug Set of Six

Retro Planet’s set of four coordinating stoneware Atomic Starburst Diner Coffee Mugs is a great way to add ’50s style to your kitchen with an affordable reproduction design.


Atomic Starburst Glasses

At Retro Planet we offer a set of eight Atomic Starburst Glasses with a metal carrying rack to give you a vintage look with brand new products that feature a design similar to the originals.


Atomic Dinnerware

If you’d like the look of authentic vintage Franciscan Ware without paying the coveted collectibles’ higher prices, then consider the gorgeous reproduction Atomic Starburst Melamine Dinnerware we carry at Retro Planet.


Do you have a favorite vintage china pattern? Where do you enjoy displaying your retro dinnerware? Let us know below.

Last updated: Feb 19, 2015
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