Vintage Suitcases As Retro Travel Decor

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Repurposing vintage finds into new items is very popular right now, as is using old things in new and unexpected ways. And decorating with vintage luggage is currently one of these great trends. From antique suitcases with leather handles to vinyl versions from the ’50s and ’60s, all types of travel bags are being used as home decor, rather than just for travel. Stacking old luggage with the largest on the bottom and graduating up to the smallest bag, creates visual interest when placed in a room. Add small items on top like a lamp and/or picture frame and you have a very eye-catching and appealing decor element that can be used as an occasional or side table.


Luggage as Vintage Decor

Old luggage serves as great vintage decor and they make it easy to give your home a playful travel vibe.


Decorating old luggage with vintage travel stickers is another fun and easy way to create classic vintage decor. Decorated suitcases can stand on their own as design elements in any room in your home or business. Once it was very popular to collect luggage travel labels from places visited and then pasting the labels on a suitcase. The more stickers displayed on the luggage, the better—signifying worldwide travel. As a tribute to the past, display luggage stickers with a classic retro look on old suitcases you probably already have in your attic or basement. Strategically arrange travel stickers on the sides of suitcases by using either vintage versions if you’re lucky enough to find some or use brand new ones like the Anderson Design travel stickers that you can find at Retro Planet. These very attractive and affordable stickers represent many U.S. destinations, including American cities and national parks depicted with stylish retro style artwork. There are also many travel decals from many exciting and exotic cities around the world.


Travel Stickers on Vintage Suitcases

Old suitcases have a ton of character. Stack some up to start, and then add other vintage items that you have like this old fedora, umbrella and cameras. Have fun with it!


Travel decals are also a great way to enhance a gift of new luggage for someone who is who is moving to a new state or country. Make the transition to a new location a celebration with a gift of suitcases decorated with vintage style travel stickers. The sky’s the limit (or your own imagination) when decorating with travel stickers. Have fun with them and display stickers with places you’ve been or that you hope to visit someday. And send us pictures of what you come up with—we’d love to see them and share them with our blog readers!


Travel Stickers as a Travel Diary

Use your suitcase as a travel diary to remind you of all the great places you’ve travelled to—or maybe to remind you of places you plan to see in the future.


For endless decorating options with travel stickers, be sure to check out our travel sticker selection.

These same designs with US and world locations are also available in removable travel wall decals, too. So be sure to take a look at the wide variety of travel wall decals that waiting to add some vintage style to your home or business.


Last updated: Nov 19, 2014
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