Vintage Wall Decals as Mouse Pads!

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Dean Russo Pit Bull Mouse PadDecorating with wall decals is an addiction we embrace here at Retro Planet.  Since we started printing them, there’s scarcely a wall, cabinet, or window in the office left un-decaled.  Vintage wall decals can be applied to (and removed from) practically any flat surface in the home or office.

Even though our office was bursting with retro wall decal decorating ideas, some of us were not satisfied.  Surely there must be something overlooked, some unique spot to stick these decals.  And there is.  An ingenious coworker discovered that vintage wall decals can also be used as unique mouse pads.

I was slightly incredulous when I heard this.  Most of our decals are applied to areas that aren’t touched repeatedly on a daily basis.  Would they endure repeated mousings?  Would they really look snazzy decorating your desk?  So I went to the IT guy who came up with this off the wall idea (pun intended), and he swore to me that his retro mouse pad still works great after several months of use and even relocating it a few times.

Plenty of our decals are sized 12″ and under, making them ideal for vintage mouse pads.  And most of us don’t need an excuse to ditch the drab square on our desk when offered something durable and adorable.  Adding a cute mouse pad to a desk will help liven up a boring cube and garner some attention from coworkers stuck with ’90s-era scrolling surfaces.

Wood Look Apple Decal as a Mouse Pad

This cut-out wood-look decal makes a great scrolling surface.

Skulls and Spark Plugs Mousepad

Perfect for the daring mechanic – skulls and spark plugs!

We Can Do It Wall decal

Rosie the Riveter!

Tickle your fancy? Pick a theme or browse our extensive collection of wall decals and see what you can apply to the desktop!

Last updated: Jul 01, 2014
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