Vintage Westinghouse WD-12 Soda Machine

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Produced from the mid-40s to early-50s, the WD-12 is a dry cooler, which means it cools without the use of water. Because the WD-12 cools with chilled air rather than circulating water, it has more room for soda bottles than a wet cooler. This cooler has stainless steel details including the lid and trim. The two lids are hinged in the middle so a soda can be removed from either side of the machine. This Coca-Cola machine had a total capacity of 140 bottles.

Westinghouse WD-12 Coca-Cola Soda Machine

The cooler measures 45-1/8″ wide by 28-1/2″ deep and 36-1/4″ high. It weighs 255 pounds.

Westinghouse WD-12 Coca-Cola Soda Machine

Side view of the Westinghouse WD-12

Last updated: Mar 01, 2010
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