Wall-Mounted Bottle Openers

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Budweiser Cast Iron Bottle OpenerWe’ve all been there. You get home from work, you’re tired, you just want to open a bottle of something and relax. But you can’t . . . find . . . the dang . . . bottle opener! It’s not on the fridge and not in the drawer where you saw it last. Now you’re tempted to use your teeth and before you know it, you’re underwriting your dentist’s next vacation.

The obvious solution to this tragic sequence of events is something you probably never knew you needed, but most certainly do: a wall-mounted (or ‘stationary’) bottle opener. We see them in bars or restaurants all the time and assume they aren’t meant for home use. They most certainly are – and you will immediately fall in love with the convenience and smooth style of a bottle opener mounted to your home bar, kitchen counter or patio deck.

Miller Lite Beer Starr X Bottle OpenerUnlike handheld models, stationary openers stay put so you’ll always know where they are. Beyond the convenience, there’s just something cool about them. You get the professional bar feel, of course, but they also exude a certain mystique that regular bottle openers don’t. They’re traditional and historical, delightfully basic, rooted in cast iron Americana.

Cast Iron Pepsi Wall Mounted Soda Bottle Opener

Cast iron opener with vintage Pepsi-Cola logo

Most importantly, they let you open a bottle with style and flair. Who’s more cool, you expertly snapping off a bottle cap with one hand or some guy digging in his pants for his key ring? Exactly!

You’ll notice many wall-mount openers are listed as “STARR X.” Bottle openers have been around since the 1890s – shortly after the invention of crimp-style caps – but early models often broke bottle tops clean off. The STARR X style was patented in 1925 by Thomas C. Hamilton and made by Raymond Brown Sr., the owner of a Newport News Coca-Cola bottling plant. It had a unique design that solved the problem of breaking bottles and was enhanced in the 1940s to prevent caps from sticking in the opener’s teeth.

The STARR X design hasn’t changed since the ’40s. In fact, Brown Manufacturing continues to produce openers. Other bottle opener styles exist and are perfectly safe to use, but STARR X openers have a reputation for doing the job more quickly and reliably. They work the first time, every time, so you don’t have to fumble with “do overs”!

Gifts for Him Man Cave Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

The STARR X design comes in many different logo and slogan styles.

The newest crop of STARR X stationary bottle openers features painted or embossed designs that will look great wherever you put them and, of course, say something about you. They’ll fit in cramped quarters, too; most measure about 2-34″ wide by 3-1/4″ high. DMany are styled with a specific beer or brewery logo (Coors, Budweiser), while others have fun slogans that add spice to your get-togethers.

Whether you regularly host parties or only pop the occasional bottle, the wall-mount bottle opener is one of the simplest forms of retro decor that really makes a statement. They make unique and affordable gifts and could be the start of a whole new collection hobby you.


Last updated: Oct 24, 2011
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