Weekend DIY: Colorful Play Dough

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Colorful Play Dough

Susannah shares her method of creating this colorful dough with standard household ingredients. (Source: Art Nest)

Remember making homemade glue and play dough as a kid? Me too. But none of those projects were as colorful as this one I found at Art Nest. Imagine, you can create any color you want—even flamingo pink and turquoise! Susannah Kate shares the easy directions (though if you’re getting kids involved you might want to finish the first steps before calling them into the kitchen).

Susannah’s recipe calls for flour, salt, water, oil, cream of tartar and food coloring. I typically use the gel coloring by Wilton. It comes in lots of colors—including cornflower blue and teal—and blends well, especially when you’re trying to mix colors for a perfect hue. It also doesn’t water down what I’m working on.

Whether you’re trying to revisit your childhood, or want to introduce the beauty of homemade to your own kids, this is a great project that’s sure to please. Plus, there are no concerns when little hands touch little mouths after working with the dough.

Plan on making your own play dough?  I’d love to see some fantastic retro colors!





Last updated: Jul 12, 2013
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