Weekend DIY: Snow Globes

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Snow Globe

This snow globe uses glitter, distilled water and glycerin. See the tutorial at Camille Styles.

The exact history of the snow globe is unclear, but it appears this popular treasure was first introduced in Paris in 1878. The following year a handful of companies produced snow globes that sold in Europe. In the early 1920s these collectibles hit the US and became immensely popular.

You can make your own snow globe – or, snow jar – right at home using distilled water, glycerin and glitter. It’s an inexpensive project – you can upcycle old or new jars or buy them at a craft store – that has endless creative possibilities. For a more authentic-looking piece you can buy water globes.

We found two great resources for making your own globes or jars. Martha Stewart: How to Make a Snow Globe and DIY Glitter Globe at Camille Styles.

Plan to make one of these adorable decor items? We’d love to see the finished piece.


Last updated: Dec 07, 2012
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