Weird Halloween Costume Ideas—Creepy Animal Masks!

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If you want a weird Halloween costume idea that’s super creepy and super easy, try rubber animal masks from Accoutrements.

These things are unsettling to say the least!  They’ve got big eyes and shocked expressions and are guaranteed to give your friends, family and coworkers the willies.  And talk about easy, it doesn’t take much to turn these latex masks into legit creepy Halloween costumes.


Horses Costume Masks

Among our creepy masks are horse heads – male and female. We also have horse hooves to complete the look.


You can pretty much do anything with the classic Horse Head Mask and you’ll amuse and disturb everyone at the party. Pair it with lingerie or a burlesque outfit (especially you guys), or a nice tux, or just walk around stroking a cat all night. Whatever you do with that mask on, it’s just wrong.


Pug Pig Squirrel Masks

This motley crew are sure to freak people out this Halloween!


The Happy Pig Mask makes a fetching complement to a plaid shirt, denim overalls and a fake meat cleaver.  Instant splatter flick!


Halloween Bird Masks

The Bald Eagle is great for political rallies, in addition to Halloween parties. While the pigeon mask is going to look a little awkward wherever you decide to wear it!


For a more subtle and soul-wrenching freakout, don the Bald Eagle Mask and stare at people judgmentally all night.  But be warned, they might confess things you never wanted to hear!

Last updated: Oct 05, 2015
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