Wharton Ginger Ale Bottle Label

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Wharton Soda Pop Label

This label is for Wharton Ginger Ale, bottled by the Wharton Bottling Works in Wharton, Texas. It most likely dates from some time in the 1930s or 1940s. The label has a beautiful monochromatic illustration of a Dutch lady and a windmill. This may have been a tribute to the founder’s ancestry. The proprietor of the Wharton Bottling Works was J. C. Aschenbeck (b. 1868, d. 1949).

The historical information about the Wharton Bottling Works is sketchy, but they were in business as early as 1919. They appeared in an inspection document of that year, along with many other Texas food producers. (Unfortunately the bottler was sited and fined for mislabeled soda bottles).

Other soda flavors bottled at the Wharton Bottling Works were Orangeade and Cherry-Blossoms as well as Coca-Cola. It seems that Wharton Bottling was absorbed by the larger Coca-Cola bottling company, or perhaps they simply went out of business.

Produced by:
Wharton Bottling Works
Wharton, Texas

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