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Whooppee Birch Beer Bottlecap

“The Bottled Joy”

The Whooppee Soda Works was founded in 1929 in Garfield, New Jersey by Antonio and Maria Graceffo. They were known for using real cane sugar and natural flavorings. After her husband died in 1934, Maria continued the business with her children. Maria passed away in 1969 and her sons Ciro and Gerlando became the owners. The company closed in 1984 but was restarted by Anthony Graceffo, the great-grandson of the founders. He served as president of the company until it closed in recent years.

Some of the flavors that were available in addition to the Birch Beer were Boardwalk Cola, Cocoa Cream, Lip Smackin’ Lemon Lime, Cherry Lime Rickey and Citrus Smash.

Whooppee Soda Works, Inc.
Garfield, New Jersey

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