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Wonder Woman

The Legend of the Super Heroine Lives On

The idea of a female super hero was a very modern concept for the 1940s, and the cartoon character of Wonder Woman continues to inspire women the world over, more than 60 years later.

Wonder Woman was invented by William Moulton Marston in the early 1940s. A consultant for DC Comics, Marston was a psychologist and the inventor of the systolic blood pressure test, resulting in the invention of the polygraph. Marston created the idea of a new superhero that could match wits rather than brawn with evil villains. With the encouragement of his wife, he made this new hero a woman because there had never been a female super hero before.

According to the history that Marston gave her, Wonder Woman had been born Diana, a member of the all-women tribe of Amazons. Diana’s magic lasso, given to her by the gods of Olympus, was evidence of Marston’s passion for the truth. When Wonder Woman’s lasso encircled someone, they had to tell the truth, just like a polygraph test. Marston believed that women were more capable of telling the truth, were more “reliable than men” and “could work more efficiently”. Wonder Woman’s other powers included super speed, proficiency in the martial arts, bullet deflecting cuffs and superhuman strength. As the character developed, Wonder Woman was given an invisible airplane, then a jet to fly in.

Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman are the only three DC characters that have enjoyed continuous publication since they were first created. Wonder Woman has evolved through the years and has appeared in all types of media from comic books, to animated movies and was featured in a syndicated TV show. Since her original enemy (the Nazis) she has encountered a wide assortment of super villains. Wonder Woman is a powerful icon to all girls and women in the world that we are strong and can do anything we set our minds to. If you’d like to remind someone of their inner strength, consider giving them one of these Wonder Woman items:

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