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I recently had the pleasure of writing descriptions for a bunch of novelty glasses we just got in.  By “a bunch,” I mean 55 different styles!  These are a great addition to our already huge selection of novelty and costume glasses, which in all honesty I’d never really checked until now.  Many are made in 1950s cat eye style, which is fine for the ladies but maybe not the best look for me.  But some others are just so cool and downright weird that I have to share them with you.  Mostly I’m thinking of gifts for people I know, but I could see throwing on a pair of these on my way to the bookstore or a pub or to visit my weird friend Steve (if his mom lets me in the basement) . . .

Funky Birthday Cake Glasses

I couldn’t wear them until December, but they’re totally worth the wait.  Everyone pay attention to ME!  It’s my birthday!

Nerd Glasses

If you’ve worn glasses since third grade, you’ve had them taped up a few times!   Can’t help but think of Leonard from The Big Bang Theory.  I know his aren’t taped, but they should be.

Mr. 50s Tortoise Glasses

Beatnik, shmeatnik.  These obviously are Evil Genius Specs with the ability to quintuple my IQ and capacity for villainy!  Mwahahaha!

Purple John Glasses

These remind me of a pair my brother owns.  Beneath that curmudgeonly “get a job and a take a shower” exterior beats the heart of a real hippie, I just know it.

But wait! I saved the most horrifying for last!

Clown Nose Glasses

I may never sleep again, and neither should you!

Now I have to peruse all the other bizarre eyewear we carry.  You should too!  We really do have some wild stuff and if you need to buy in bulk for corporate events, reunions or bachelor parties, you can mix and match and get great discounts.  Good news for me, because everyone I know is getting those Clown Nose Glasses for Christmas.

Oh yes, everyone!

Last updated: Mar 06, 2012
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